LengleArt - "On the Verge"

My heart beats faster
My mind goes wild
My spirit soars and my soul is fed
When I create by hand or thought I'm alive.
                                                            I am an Artist.

If you want to see my work NOW, click on "Gallery".

During the late 90's I lived in my West Seattle gallery, the ec'Collective Gallery & Studio Cafe'. It was an artist's way of life. I was surrounded by art and creative people with no real "clock" to live by. My sons raised, I was my only responsibility. I loved every minute of it. 

My quirky, artsy way of life came to an end with the first super bad luck with my health. I absolutely needed to change my lifestyle. I needed to take better care of myself. I needed health insurance! I tamed my unruly self and created a dependable career in the newspaper biz.

Ten years later continuing health issues left me empty, weak and unrecognizable to myself. I was reminded by a few lifelong friends that I was still the Sheila they'd always known and believed in. They encouraged me to rediscover my creative spirit...my center. So I have! And I really, really want to have that "artist's way of life" again and will strive for it as long as I live.  

I am a self-nurturing artist with no professional art education. That works for me because if I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I can do anything I want. Most Galleries want a pedigree before they'll represent work. So a big hug and thank you to Diane Venti, owner of Alki Arts Gallery, who took a chance and showed my work in her West Seattle then in her Seattle galleries. 

Even though I’m a woman of a "certain age", I still have a childlike view of the world; happy, bright and full of possibilities. I'm in love with flowers. I create MY flowers to fit the design I want to paint based on their shapes and colors and their joy. 

Recently, with the help of a couple of high school guys, I was able to build the cutest little gallery/studio...the only item on my bucket list. 

I'd love to hear anything you may want to share with me.
Stay tuned.........