LengleArt - "On the Verge"
Welcome to my studio workspace.
My "Guest" room is my WONDERFUL studio. Since I don't often have overnight guests and what a waste of space that room was. It's bright, well for Seattle it's bright, and it's cozy and has a great vibe.
My boy cat Jake, insists on being into everything I do. He poses with my art. He lays on my art. He is very jealous of my art to the point of jumping on to my shoulders if I'm painting at my easel and not paying enough attention to him...MEN!
My BIG dream and goal for this year is to be financially able to convert my deck into a sunroom studio.  Then I can have my guest bedroom back. It would be so wonderful if a patron found me.  Like long ago when someone saw a value in supporting emerging artists. Fingers crossed.