LengleArt - "On the Verge"

My heart beats faster
My mind goes wild
My spirit soars and my soul is fed
When I create by hand or thought I'm alive.
                                                            I am an Artist.

Cleaning my tiny studio revives my sense of self 
Taking my time as I do it. Thinking about all the work I've done in the past. Thinking about what I'll do in the future. 
I come across old lost treasures and forgotten dreams.

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During the late 90's I lived in my West Seattle gallery, the ec`Collective Gallery & Studio Cafe'. It was an artist's way of life to me- surrounded by art and creative people, no real "clock" to live by. My sons raised, I was my only responsibility. Not like farming, but it was a hard life, and I loved every minute of it. 

Following is an article that appeared in the West Seattle Herald - 10/9/1996
If you have the time and interest, double click on the parts you want to read.


The quirky, artsy me, and the gallery came to an end with my first super bad luck with my health. I absolutely needed to change my ways, and myself. I needed health insurance! I tamed my unruly self and created a career that would take care of me. 

After a decade plus of more challenging health issues that left me empty, weak and unrecognizable to myself, I was reminded by a few lifelong friends that I was still the Sheila they'd always known and believed in. They encouraged me to rediscover my creative spirit...my center. So I have! And I really, really want to have that "artist's way of life" and will strive for it as long as I can.  

I am a self-nurturing artist with no professional art education. That works for me because if I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I can do anything I want. The only hold back, most Galleries want a pedigree before they'll represent my work. So a big hug and thank you to Diane Venti, owner of Alki Arts Gallery, who took a chance and showed my work in her West Seattle then her Seattle galleries. I'm working on a project that  will create opportunities for me and my artist friends to show and sell our work. The Canopy Galleries Project.

Even though I’m a woman of a "certain age", I still have a childlike view of the world; happy, bright and full of possibilities. I'm in love with flowers. I create MY flowers to fit the design I want to paint based upon their shapes and colors and their joy. Sometime there's not an iota of space on my canvas uncovered by paint (the more is better thing), and sometimes I actually do a bit of editing to my design. Something's brewing within me now, and I feel like I may be done with flowers. I'm not sure yet on what's next though. It's so exciting!!!
I'm going great guns on finding free space venues to produce art shows for me and other artists. I've done several shows at my patrons', Sarah Cecil and Rob Martin's home on Puget Sound. I was able to put on a show a show on the parking lot of West Seattle's Les Schwab Tires! I have two credos that I seem to live by: "You don't ask, you don't get" and "When some is good, more is better". 2017 will be "Big" for Canopy Galleries Project. Go to the menu and check it out!

I'd love to hear anything you may want to share with me...Sheila@LengleArt.com.
Stay tuned.........